Monday, 30 November 2009

What Are Shin Splints

This is a term used to describe pain along and around to be alone. The tibia is the length of bone that runs from your knee to your ankle and there can often be inflammation of a thin layer of tissue that covers this bone. There may also be tiny fractures along the length of the bone that can cause considerable pain too.

This type of injury is usually caused by stress and pressure being put on this particular bone during activities such as a running, walking, dancing, aerobics and any other high impact sports.
Treatment is usually necessary to get rid of this condition quickly.

Yes the body will heal itself and sometimes this can take too long and be too painful unless you seek the right treatment.

Many people experience this problem when they change their training routine or drastically increase the amount of exercise they take. The shock on the body and the shin bone is quite simply too much and too severe. If you plan on increasing your training regime then it is important to do it gradually and ensure you have a suitable foot wear.

You will obviously need to visit your doctor to get this problem properly diagnosed. If it is severe they may insist on an x-ray, MRI scan or a bone scan to best determine the appropriate treatment. However you may find that you most likely have a milder version and the doctor can give you anti-inflammatory medicines or he/she can advise you on some self-help methods.

Whatever remedy or method of treatment you choose it is important to ensure that you rid yourself of this problem on a long-term basis. As I'm sure you are experiencing it can be very painful and so banishing this injury from your life for good should be high on your agenda.

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