Saturday, 28 November 2009

Shin Splints Treatment

Choosing your shin splints treatment methods is all down to understanding where the exact pain comes from and understanding exactly how serious your particular condition is. If you had a severe problem with pain for years then your treatment will usually need to be more thorough that if you have only experienced the injury recently.

Here are three of the most popular treatments you may need:


this is most commonly needed when the pain is quite severe and a physiotherapist should give you a thorough assessment to decide the exact nature of your injury and the required treatment is needed. It is quite common for your physiotherapist to use small electrodes that pass through the body and interfere with pain messages delivered through the spinal cord. This is known as ‘interferentials’.

There are also provide you with some exercises that you can do at home in between your visits to the clinic.


This is only necessary in the most extreme cases where the other methods to cure your problem and pain have been thoroughly exhausted. Obviously your doctor will be able to advise you on this further. This is the most extreme of treatments and only necessary for a few people.

Muscular Strengthening Exercises

this is one other most common types of treatment and it is extremely effective. Exercises can involve things like quad muscle strengthening. This is often done with leg extension exercises can be performed both at home or in the gym.

As your quads begin to strengthen both legs and it is common to intensify the exercise by increasing the resistance or wait on your foot as you lift and extend the leg.

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